[rescue] couple Aries Research Marix SS tower boxes

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Tue Oct 5 12:02:28 CDT 2004

" From: "Jones, Andrew I" <aijones2 at bsu.edu>
" > http://www.siconic.com/computers/Aries/
" That black unit is really, really strange.  Google tells me that it can't boot
" Solaris 2.x at all due to weirdness in that ROSS MBus module.  Does anyone
" have any idea what this thing might be? Or what it might run? Custom SunOS 4,
" maybe?

hmmm...  how old is the module?  iirc the early [55MHz?] hypersparc
gen largely predates solaris.  i know they shipped with an obp and
iirc a sunos4 kernel patch too.  the later gen - used in ss20s - had
some internal tweaks, maybe for compatibility.  sm71s are going for $5
on ebay these days, so one could always replace it.
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