[rescue] Wanted: PDP-8 (and PDP-8 questions)

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Oct 4 21:58:04 CDT 2004

a PDP-8 is what got me interested in computers (in 1981/82 timeframe)
(a PDP-8I to be specific).... and I've decided I'd like to have one
for my computer collection.

I've looked at the models, and since some of these can eat up lots
of space, I think a PDP-8/E or PDP-8/F (or the OEM PDP-8/M version)
would probably be best.

I'd like it to be complete (what a 'loaded' statement considering
the flexibility of configuration they had).  I'd like it to have
a RS232 interface, but the key is that it has all the cards (cpu,
memory, control) in order to enter and run programs in from the
console.... one can always build up from there.

It need not be working (although working is preferable).

I think eventually it would be nice to have RX01 (or RX02?)
floppy drives for software (or DECtape would be neato... high
speed paper tape would be cool too).

If you have one of these (preferrably close to MA (or RI/NH))
please contact me with what you have and what your looking to
get for it.

If those experienced in PDP-8 systems care to comment on why
a different PDP-8 (other than an E, F, or M) would be a better
choice... I'm all ears.

After doing research, I'm really sorry I let a VT78 go to the
dumpster (along with a dual RX01 floppy setup or two).... not
sure if you can run PDP-8 programs on them... but they were
powered with a PDP-8 variant processor.  (seems the DECmate is
too...).  Anyone have any experience using VT78 or DECmate to
run PDP-8 programs ???

Am I likely to find one of these... or am I looking 10 years
too late ?


  -- Curt

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