[rescue] Anyone interested in this Sun Sparc systems?

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Sun Oct 3 16:45:53 CDT 2004

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Since I am not subscribed to sunhelp, please contact me directly at
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Subject: Anyone interested in this Sun Sparc systems?

I've got a couple Aries Research Marix SS tower boxes that I'm getting
real close to scrapping out for lack of any reason to keep them.  These
are Sparc servers basically.  One's got 512MB RAM.  The other has some
unknown amount across 16 30-pin SIMMs (perhaps 4MB to 16MB each?)

I've then got two similarly-styled tower chasses from the same
manufacturer that have 5 Micropolis 1926 (2GB) drives each.

See photos here:


I'm hoping there's someone that would want the parts out of
these...perhaps the memory or drives or CPU.  Or maybe you're interested
in the entire box.  Who knows.  I'd just hate to scrap them before I
offered the stuff up to the list.

I would like a nominal bit of cash to make it worth my time to pack and
ship.  It's all available, in whole or in part.  First come first served.
If there are no takers within a couple days, these will be ripped apart
and everything will go off to the vultures.

Act fast!

Contact me off-list of course.


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