[rescue] Fibre Channel JBOD Recommendations?

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Fri Oct 1 21:06:39 CDT 2004

Michael Dombrowski wrote:

>Anyone care to recommend a cheap fibre channel JBOD?
>I'm looking for something smallish, either 6u or
>smaller. Doesn't have to be rackmount either. But most
>important is that it takes fiber channel disks in
>addition to the FC interface.
You can get older NetApp shelves. I have a F8 at the office right now 
that holds 4 36gb and 1 9gb drive that I might be willing to part with. 
It is really really heavy too and has an entire set of spare parts 
(spare PSU, spare FC/AL interface and spare Fan).

They work really good.

-- Thomas

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