[rescue] SGI Challenge L systems available in Denver

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Fri Oct 1 10:14:53 CDT 2004

Ethan O'Toole wrote:

>>Or work in.  I have disconnected two-thirds of the lighting fixtures in
>>new "office" into which I have been shoved while construction is on-going
>>here on campus.
>>Imagine a 3 x 15 metre rectangular box, with three metre ceilings.  There
>>are white asphalt tiles on the floor, a white drop ceiling, and semi-gloss
>>white walls.  Embedded in the drop ceiling tiles are 96 linear feet of
>>standard style fluorescent lighting (six four-tube fixtures, each four
>Hah! Where I work, its a 28' x 22' room. 8 florescent lights (2' x 4' drop
>ceiling style), each with 3 tubes. Coworkers (before I got here) have
>totally disabled all but 9 bulbs. The other day someone threw a ball and
>it hit one of the lights, knocking a tube back on. It was blinding just to
>have that additional 40 watt sylvania tube (or whatever they are).
>At no time would I say it is uncomfortable or hard to see.
I have one light here at the office that decides to turn off at random, 
and then an hour later to turn back on. I replaced the starter and bulbs 
but dunno what the issue is. It scared the crap out of me everytime it 
flashed on at random.

>>There are no windows so I get zero natural light in here.  "Seasonal
>>Affective Disorder" isn't a myth.  Two hours in here when the weather gets
>>grey and dreary outside and you want to just sleep, or cry.
>We are lucky enough that outside of the door there are windows. With the
>door shut, black hole if you turn off the lights. The door has some sort
>of fancy air thing that drops to the floor when it is shut, totally
>sealing the bottom.
>Kind of cool.
Some girl I know  told me that big highrises are pressurised (what makes 
sense). But also she told me they where producing some kind of low 
frequency ambient sound in the building to make people work better? Is 
this true?

-- Thomas

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