[rescue] SGI Challenge L systems available in Denver

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Fri Oct 1 07:55:27 CDT 2004

>On top of that, a lot of people have this idea that you must eliminate
>every possible shadow, surface reflection, and light variation.  This is
>not natural, it is not necessary, and for a lot of us it is downright
>painful to live in.

Or work in.  I have disconnected two-thirds of the lighting fixtures in the
new "office" into which I have been shoved while construction is on-going
here on campus.

Imagine a 3 x 15 metre rectangular box, with three metre ceilings.  There
are white asphalt tiles on the floor, a white drop ceiling, and semi-gloss
white walls.  Embedded in the drop ceiling tiles are 96 linear feet of
standard style fluorescent lighting (six four-tube fixtures, each four feet

The first time I entered this ghastly box and flipped the light switch, I
thought my eyes were going to start bleeding.  Instant migraine.  I have
un-done all but eight of the four-foot tubes, two in each of four fixtures,
with two of them completely shut off.  No more migraines, and it's still
pretty bright in here.  

There are no windows so I get zero natural light in here.  "Seasonal
Affective Disorder" isn't a myth.  Two hours in here when the weather gets
grey and dreary outside and you want to just sleep, or cry.
Wes Will

"Wherever you find a "universal" condition you are likely to find a
mathematician investigating what happens when you (a) ignore it, and/or (b)
reject it.  Frequently it's something interesting [1]. - Owen ap Morgan
[1] For some definition of 'interesting'."

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