[rescue] tip between 2 Ultra 2's

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at mail.zill.net
Fri Oct 1 00:05:54 CDT 2004

OK, help is needed here.

I have 2 Ultra 2's; one is known good, working condition.  The other I
just received and have been trying to get a prompt on.

First, I stuck a normal SBus CG6 or whatnot in, attached monitor and
keyboard, and pressed the power switch.  Waited, nothing appeared on

Second, I removed the SBus card and inserted a known-good Creator in
the UPA slot.  Booted; got nothing.

Third, I thought, well, maybe the PROM is set to only send output to
ttya... so I have connected ttya on the working U2 to ttya on the
suspect U2.

I am using the command "tip tip9600 /dev/cua/a" - is that the correct

I have check the motherboard jumpers on both systems and they are both
set the same (default position for RS432 signaling).

I have tried both with and without a null modem connector.

What is the proper setup, and what should I do next?


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