[rescue] RS/6k and booting AIX

Tom Ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Sun Nov 28 17:26:29 CST 2004

Ok, I rescued a couple of RS/6k's from the auction last month: a couple of 
40p's, , a 43p and a 7011. I also got a box with 3.2.5 media (cdroms). The 
cdroms say bootable. none of the machine had HDD, but after scrounging up a 
couple of suitable scsi's. the machine checks out OK with the SMS floppy.

The problem is the 40p's (7020) won't boot the diskettes OR the cdrom. Going 
into the firmware monitor and trying to acess the  floppy I get an error 
saying there are no FAT tables on the floppy. Acessing the cdrom though, I can 
list all the files. The floppy and the cdrom looks like they do an abreviated 
read on the boot media and just stop. No messages and definatly not reading 
the media. I'll try and see if they boot a netbsd-prep floppy or a debian 
floppy tommorrow. The floppy drive seems OK becuase it reads the SMS diskette 
just fine, and the cdrom appears to work OK as I can read the disk files from 
the firmware monitor

I think the floppy's, which I made myself from files downloaded, may not be 
created correctly, but that does not explain why the cd media does not boot. I 
think it;s more of a pilot error than a machine problem. but I've not used any 
AIX in several years and never had to install to bare metal.

Any tips would be appreciated?


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