[rescue] Machines FS/FT

D.A. Muran-de Assereto dmuran at tuad.org
Sat Nov 27 11:54:31 CST 2004

I've got the following gear to sell/trade:

Sun E3000, skins, 6x336MHz CPUs, 4GB RAM, negotiable disk - $600
Sun E450, skins, missing the small cover plate, 4x300Mhz, 2GB RAM, 8mm XL
drive, PGX-8, negotiable disk - $500
pair of SGI O2OO: 4xR10k180, 1GB RAM, no skins, 2x9GB drives, CDROM, one extra
drive bracket, Craylink cable - $350

I'm not interested in shipping these things because of cost/weight/hassle
factors, so I'd prefer to do this locally in the DC Metro area.

They all work fine; I just don't have the power budget in my house to run
them, can't afford to upgrade the power, and hate to see them sitting idle.
The E3k doesn't roll right because the lower frame got bent in shipping when I
bought it, and for some reason will only boot correctly when the key is turned
to the diagnostic position. Other than that, it's rock-solid.

I'm interested in trading for midrange server equipment (Intel, Netra, etc),
since I need some server capacity with less hungry appetites for electricity.
Other trade offers will be considered.

dmuran at tuad.org

Aude Sapere!

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