[rescue] Wanted: SS2 NVRAM

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Nov 24 15:16:39 CST 2004

Ron Wickersham wrote:
> the other issue is that the replacement lithium cell is very difficult to
> solder onto since it's stainless steel.   i've been able to find the cell
> holders in an electronics store or take one off a scrap intel motherboard
> and solder to the holder avoiding having to solder to the stainless steel.

The best way I have found to solder to a battery is to drop a drop
of Radio Shack "silver bearing solder", what used to be called "silver
solder". It will stick to the battery without heating it up.

Then carefully heat only the drop of solder until it starts to liquify
and stick the wire in it. Keep heating until the tip of the wire is submerged
and remove your iron.

You can find batteries with tabs on them at larger electronic parts stores.
Note that any 3v battery will do, size and shape are irrelevant. I've
even patched an SS1 NVRAM with 2 AA batteries because that was all I had.

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