[rescue] New(old) scanner

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Wed Nov 24 13:30:25 CST 2004

Hey folks,
I've just been given a UMAX narrow-SCSI flatbed scanner as part of some 
hardware trading.

I don't have an external narrow-SCSI port on babylon5, nor a SCSI
wide-to-narrow adapter, nor an extra PCI narrow-SCSI controller.  I do,
however, have a Sparcstation LX with narrow SCSI, running OpenBSD.

Does anyone know a way I could connect the scanner to the LX and share
it to other *nix machines over the network?

Alternatively, does anyone have a spare narrow-SCSI PCI controller lying
around unused?

(I wish I'd thought further ahead on this ...  I'd probably have hung
onto the QLogic SCSI controller I just sold to Dan Duncan.)

One more option:  Anyone have any experience with, or recommendations
for, a USB2.0-to-SCSI adapter?  I have extra USB ports just about coming
out of my ears.

('Course, they're not cheap....  but it would have the advantage of

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