[rescue] Challenge XL in SE VA Did Not Wait For Me!

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Nov 23 15:21:52 CST 2004

>DL380 if you can deal with dual PIII!

Already -have- dual P-III Xeon 833's on an old SGI 320 workstation
motherboard.  Half a gig of RAMBUS memory in there, and a few 18-gig IBM
SCA SCSI drives hanging on the differential bus via SCA-connector adaptors.
 Looking to hook in a RAID hardware card and one of the monster RAID
20-disk SCSI array boxes I already have.  (The other one will be offered up
for salvage, and no, they aren't Clariion boxes, I don't think.  1-, 2-,
4-, and 9- gig drives supported, I'm sure up to 4-gig, and almost sure
about the 9's.)  80-gigs split up somehow on there, depending on the RAID
level and such.  Truthfully I'd rather save the power bill and get a pair
if nice fast 120+ gig drives to put in there and just use software RAID.

The dual-Xeon box is nice as a workstation, but it just won't keep up with
the load of the Postfix/Clam/Postfix sandwich with SpamAssassin,
authoritative DNS for four domains now and three more soon to be, Web
services with virtual hosting for all seven domains, database searches
going on via a web interface, FTP transfers and the occasional bittorrent
for ISO's, and so forth.

I am looking into non-Intel UN*X-running RISC hardware, with malice

Alpha sounds good, as do the UltraSparc boxen already mentioned.  Gotta
find really cheap, I'm already over budget with the wife on hardware, and
she's eyeing a new (computerized, of course) sewing machine for her quilting.

wes will

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