[rescue] Challenge XL in SE VA Did Not Wait For Me!

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Nov 23 13:49:40 CST 2004

Ah, well, that'll teach me to dither.  Hope that XL gets a good home where
it will be used and appreciated.

Onward, onward.

What would be the consensus of this bunch of the ideal (preferrably well
under 100-kilos; arthritis means I can't lift like I used to) server for
about 7 internet domains, mail (via Postfix with antispam and antivirus a
la Spamassassin and Clam or similar), web hosting, DNS hosting, and file

I can build the standard daemons, SSH for remote access, POP and / or IMAP
mail, Apache for web, and VSFTPD or similar for file transfer.  Fru-fru I
have on other boxen (sound recording for digitizing old LP's, video capture
from cameras for home surveillance, that sort of thing).

I have a dual XEON 833 Linux box that will be up soon now that I have
cleared some space in my calendar and my basement, but it isn't going to be
that much better under heavy load than the current machine.  I want
something longevious, hardenable against the unwashed (operating system is
flexible, I can deal with most anything), with CPU cycles to spare for
server duty.

I have several non-profit outfits who count on me for web and mail service,
no charge to them.  I want to quite worrying that the 'home grade' hardware
I'm using now is going to oink out on me and lose all their schtuff.

Oh, did I mention cheap?  I work at a university help desk.  Even as senior
tech, the pay "inhales deeply" and my wife is a school teacher which is
even worse for making the big bucks.
wes will
I may be an old fart, but I'm a high-tech, up to date old fart. :-)

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