[rescue] Completely different topic

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Tue Nov 23 12:02:19 CST 2004

Somewhere in the crannies of my mind someone mentioned wanting some PDP
stuff, a "Straight-Eight" IIRC.  

Found one, not for free, for sale.  Apparently in working order,
plug-and-go, with tons-o-goodies to boot.

See below for description, straight from this friend/acquaintance of mine,
contact me on or off list if truly interested, he's serious about the price:

>Anyway, I am currently selling my ONE remaining antique: A Straight-8, 
>rack-mount model w/o the rack 4K, + 100+ spare modules including processor 
>slices. It comes with only one of the four Extended Arithmetic Elements, 
>(and an obligation that when you use it to make replacements of this rarest 
>board, four go to the guy who bought it for me.)
>Original Glass Panel - all relevant doc on hand, a genuine ACE key. An 
>ASR-33 TTY in need of repair, the original DEC Y-desk (in need of legs) a 
>usable HS PTR/controller, lots of empty module racks in need of 
>un-wirewrapping, wrap tools, original DIGITAL PDP paper tape (raw), a pair 
>of DF-32 swapping disks (32Kwords on 14" niobodium-steel platters), all my 
>love. Needs either a rack and arms to mount or a fairly easy weld job 
>duplication of the original desktop PS/FP/Module holder, module covers and 
>formica end panels.
>And time and TLC.
>Provenance: This was removed from Vermont's only nuclear power station, 
>where it sat in a special 24 to 28" wide cabinet. It was removed and 
>replaced with a VAX in the early 1980s and passed on to me after it was 
>checked and declared 100% cold/uncontaminated.
>Please sit down, for the initial asking price is $20,000, or roughly what 
>it cost new in 1965 (though that $20K bought a top-line Rolls or suburban 
>4-br home in 1965). With the market as it is, I may be forced to move the 
>initial price higher.
>I do not want to part with the machine, but disability requires me to do 
>so. Note: buyer gets 1 free Tektronix 565 'scope, working, + 2 Tex carcases 
>and about 2.5 doz plug-in unints. and lots of other stuff.
>Location: Lindenhurst, Suffolk Co. NY, @25 miles east of Queens border.
Wes Will
I am Fermentus of Borg.
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You will be brewed.

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