[rescue] Challenge XL in SEVA WAITING FOR YOU!!@#

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Nov 23 09:23:03 CST 2004

> I already have plenty SCSI hard disks, 4-gig IBM's mostly.  And SCSI
> CDROM's, too.  Might even have some spares once this is over.  If it
> starts.

Cool. You can configure the disk box (which has 2 busses) to be either
Differential or Single Ended.

> I have also 2 20-bay monstrosity SCSI RAID boxes, fully loaded,
> controllers, at least 2 power supplies each, at least 19 drive sleds
> each (I think 19 in one, 20 in the other), fan racks, battery backup

Sounds like Clariion?

> As for OS, Solaris would do, I grok Solaris.  I also already have Irix
> 6.5 disks (IIRC, 6.x at any rate, I recall it being 6.5 but I'm not
> positive) from an Indy that isn't doing anything at the moment.  I also
> have a nice full set of Netscape Suite Spot still shrink-wrapped, with
> lots of odds and sods (for Solaris, IIRC, but maybe for Irix,it's at the
> office and I'm not), which might be trade-fodder if it's legal and worth
> anything to one of my fellow nut-balls <-: .

The IRIX CDs you have should support the XL. You could even use the Indy
to run gr_osview on the XL (exporting it).

In terms of freeware, SGI has a freeware page (that is better than that
sunfreeware.com page) at http://freeware.sgi.com

> My wife is looking at me like I've grown a new head.  She just looked at
> me and shook her noggin when I showed her the pics on the web...

They are one of a kind, it took me a long time to find them. Ended up
driving about 6 hours to go get each one from the stretches of rural
Virginia. Quite a bit of money invested in them. I sold one on eBay and
the buyer was like "Just ship me the boards" which is what I was trying to
avoid all along. Doh.

I've got some various bits and pieces for the series.

> 220 VAC is ok, not 3-phase or anything, I assume, since it's also
> possible to run on 110, or so I hear.

220vac single phase. There is a 3 phase model, which has 3 power supply
blocks in the bottom. It's normally used when there are 3 card cages
instead of 2.

> Oy, I can't believe I'm even considering this!!!!  But I've always
> wanted one of these behemoths, or something like it.

She's waiting, with the bonus DEC AlphaServer 1000!@#

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