[rescue] Challenge XL in SEVA WAITING FOR YOU!!@#

Wes Will wwill at siu.edu
Mon Nov 22 22:05:40 CST 2004

I already have plenty SCSI hard disks, 4-gig IBM's mostly.  And SCSI
CDROM's, too.  Might even have some spares once this is over.  If it

I have also 2 20-bay monstrosity SCSI RAID boxes, fully loaded,
controllers, at least 2 power supplies each, at least 19 drive sleds
each (I think 19 in one, 20 in the other), fan racks, battery backup
racks, the works.  About 70 or 80 kilos in weight, per.  Anyone need? 
In southern Illinois, not far from St. Louis, MO, will trade for
Challenge parts, maybe, if I go through with this?  Too heavy to ship
without using motor freight.

As for OS, Solaris would do, I grok Solaris.  I also already have Irix
6.5 disks (IIRC, 6.x at any rate, I recall it being 6.5 but I'm not
positive) from an Indy that isn't doing anything at the moment.  I also
have a nice full set of Netscape Suite Spot still shrink-wrapped, with
lots of odds and sods (for Solaris, IIRC, but maybe for Irix,it's at the
office and I'm not), which might be trade-fodder if it's legal and worth
anything to one of my fellow nut-balls <-: .

My wife is looking at me like I've grown a new head.  She just looked at
me and shook her noggin when I showed her the pics on the web...

220 VAC is ok, not 3-phase or anything, I assume, since it's also
possible to run on 110, or so I hear.

Oy, I can't believe I'm even considering this!!!!  But I've always
wanted one of these behemoths, or something like it.

Or maybe a PDP-11 ... No!  Bad!  Bad!  No biscuit!

wes will

On Mon, 2004-11-22 at 15:15, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> On Monday 22 November 2004 15:20, Wes Will wrote:
> > What would it take to get it up and running as at least a minimal
> > system, Irix or BSD (if that's an option, I'd prefer BSD)?
> >
> > --
> > wes will 
> >Have Pickup truck, need server, prefer non-Intel.
> As I said earlier on this list, I've got some R4400 CPU boards that will 
> be going spare, and can probably throw in a memory board and SCSI 
> board.  Email me offlist for details; I have reasonable prices, and 
> this sort of stuff (the cards, not the chassis) isn't too hard to 
> ship. ; )
> Pat
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