[rescue] Challenge XL in SEVA WAITING FOR YOU!!@#

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Nov 22 16:30:48 CST 2004

> I think XLs take 220VAC, though you may be able to convert it to run on
> 110VAC.

220 is best, it has a power cord as well.

> (16 MB, 200 pins), and an IO4 board with two SCSI daughterboards and 4
> special ribbon cables (2 SCSI, 1 serial, 1 network).  You may also need
> power boards, depending.

I *may* have a spare IO4, but MC3 I'm short on. Not sure about ribbons, I
will most likely have to mail most (but not all).

> You'll probably need a hard drive (type depends on sled and the IO4's
> daughterboards).  CD-ROM drive to boot it from (and another sled, most
> probably). A set of IRIX CDs.

I can chip in a sled or two (maybe a disk). And a OS for testing purposes.

> would certainly be an adventure.  Fortunately, mine was running when I got
> it, so I didn't have to figure that stuff out.  All I had to do was crack
> root on it, which is trivial if you have physical access and an install
> CD.

IMHO, it isn't any harder to deal with than solaris. I can give hints via
email that should get the lucky owner to a good point.

> There are a number of Challenge L and XL, and Onyx, owners on the list, so
> you will have someone of whom to ask questions if you decide to go for it.
> -Shel

Exactly. Gone are 2 Onyxs (one went to CShell/Dave in SC then Professor
took it to philly). Other is with Dave McGuire's friend James I think. 3
Crimsons, one is in ATL, not sure where others are. 4 L's, currently
spread around my area (gave them away)... Had a 4d/480, it's in richmond.
Gave away a 4d/420 and other IRIS systems.

Down to: 2 x XLs, one possibly going to Sweeden. Keeping the deskside
Onyx, and keeping the Origin 2000. Basically, our clubhouse is way too

I just realized last night that the 2nd XL (one going to Sweeden) is
positioned in a corner... well, the way I got it in there wasn't an issue,
but now there is 2500 pounds of batteries in the way. It's going to be a
chore getting it out of the corner (I plan to move the Origin there).

Fun stuff. Can't wait to regain some floorspace.

Free alphaserver 1000 to whomever comes for the XL. :-)

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