[rescue] Challenge XL in SEVA WAITING FOR YOU!!@#

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Mon Nov 22 16:12:20 CST 2004

Wes Will said ...
> What would it take to get it up and running as at least a
> minimal system,
> Irix or BSD (if that's an option, I'd prefer BSD)?

Well, let's see ... he wrote ...

> >"COME GET ME" belches the Challenge XL!

I think XLs take 220VAC, though you may be able to convert it to run on

> >No cards, but supplies and chassis. Just think 36 R10k CPUs!!!

"No cards" means no CPUs, no RAM, and no I/O controller, so you'd need at
least one each of those boards.  An XL will take bunches of 'em, but at a
minimum you'd need a CPU board with one R4K CPU, an MC3 board with 4 SIMMs
(16 MB, 200 pins), and an IO4 board with two SCSI daughterboards and 4
special ribbon cables (2 SCSI, 1 serial, 1 network).  You may also need
power boards, depending.

You'll probably need a hard drive (type depends on sled and the IO4's
daughterboards).  CD-ROM drive to boot it from (and another sled, most
probably). A set of IRIX CDs.

>From there, you can scale up ... _way_ up.  Way, way up.

My Challenge L is a smaller version of that monster, and was my first VME
box.  I don't know if I'd suggest a stripped XL as a first "big SGI," but it
would certainly be an adventure.  Fortunately, mine was running when I got
it, so I didn't have to figure that stuff out.  All I had to do was crack
root on it, which is trivial if you have physical access and an install CD.

There are a number of Challenge L and XL, and Onyx, owners on the list, so
you will have someone of whom to ask questions if you decide to go for it.


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