[rescue] Looking for IRIX and advice

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Mon Nov 22 10:37:37 CST 2004

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Peter Corlett wrote:
> It's where the wiring goes from the fusebox, through all the sockets
> (or lightswitches, etc) and returns to the fusebox. I'm not quite sure
> of the reasoning.

It would prevent an open circuit on one or more of your wires from
bringing down the circuit.  This is used on power lines feeding
cities (and I used it in SimCity to keep Godzilla from knocking
out power) but I wasn't aware they used it in the UK for home
circuits.  Quite excellent.

It might be more to keep an open neutral or open ground from
ruining your day than to give a more reliable hot, but that
could be a fringe benefit.


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