[rescue] Origin 2000 issues

Paul Hortiatis obi at frozenphoenix.net
Wed Nov 17 20:21:52 CST 2004

Yesterday i picked up an Origin 2000 deskside box i got off ebay, its 
got 4 nodeboards, dual 250 R10k, and 2 gig's of ram. The seller had 
removed one of the node boards to look at and had removed on of the 
heatsinks to get the processor info, he had no idea about the system and 
i think he touched the compresson connector, it looks like there is a 
fingerprint on it. he also lost one of the heatsink screws and two of 
the springs. The node board that was removed is causing problems wtih 
booting, there are errors and the system never compleats all the node 
descovery and system tests. with that board removed from the system it 
boots fine. Does any one know how to clean the compression connector or 
if there is any thing i can do to try and get this node board working 
properly. I don't have a blank pannel for the node slot and 8 procs 
would be better than 6.


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