[rescue] Re: scrap sparcbook

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Nov 12 20:05:11 CST 2004

Mark G. Thomas writes ...

> This works for me, with ISC dhcp-2.0pl5, and I'd expect similar would 
> still work with dhcp-3.x.  Best yet, the laptop seems to prefer the 
> faster ethernet connection even if it's also got a WiFi signal!
> # 12.5 inch 1GHz G4 laptop
> # luci ethernet
> host luci {
>         hardware ethernet 00:0a:95:c5:6e:9c;
>         fixed-address luci.home.misty.com;
> }
> # luci wifi
> host luci {
>         hardware ethernet 00:0a:95:f4:1f:ed;
>         fixed-address luci.home.misty.com;
> }

Very interesting.

I'm using whatever-came-with-Solaris-7 ... in.dhcpd ... and I don't see a
file with a layout like your example.  If there's a mention of how to get
version information out of it, I don't see it on the man page.  Any idea
what Solaris 7's in.dhcpd actually is?

Of course, what I realy want to do is get this idea working on my SGI's
"Proclaim Server."


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