[rescue] Re: scrap sparcbooks

roosmcd at dds.nl roosmcd at dds.nl
Thu Nov 11 05:07:52 CST 2004

[Andrew Jones aijones2 at bsu.edu]  wrote:
>Furthermore, any SparcBook or RDI PrecisionBook counts for a substantial
>trade-in discount on new products.  Especially the PrecisionBooks;
>apparently they still sell/support them, and there's a substantial list
>of people waiting to get them.   Apparently this is the rationale for
>relatively high prices on ebay.

 Hmm, interesting. I still have a precisionbook here which doesn't get too much
use (basically, it's too heavy to go carrying around). But there's not much
about the precisionbooks on tadpole, you're sure they still support them? I
might be selling it if the price is right :).


ps. I also have an extra 2.5" scsi/ide converter for trade/sale

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