[rescue] help me out of a jam (LaserWriter 16/600PS)

Shirker shirker at mooli.org.uk
Mon Nov 8 19:56:26 CST 2004

On Mon, 8 Nov 2004, Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:

> Anyone here familiar with which part of the printer should be cleaned?
> I have access to Simple Green cleaner and metering roll cleaner as
> well.

This sounds very similar to an issue I've had with, and seen happen to,
several Laserjet 4+s.

The output rollers seem not to grip the paper hard enough when it's on its
way out. Opinions on how to fix this seem to be either "replace that
roller" (kits for exactly this are for sale on ePay for that printer-
don't know about your though) or "sand the rollers with gentle sandpaper"
(apparently HP made a kit which did exactly this to solve a similar issue
on one of the Deskjet series".

Personally, I've had good luck with just shoving the spring-loaded
pressure things which hold the paper against the rubber output rollers
fairly hard towards the rollers for a few pages. This must do something to
the springs (?), as it's solved the problem for me twice now.

Good luck with it.


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