[rescue] Cups on Solaris

Monty Walls mwalls at castor.oktax.state.ok.us
Mon Nov 8 14:38:17 CST 2004

On Sat, 06 Nov 2004 17:51:49 +0200 (IST)
Geoffrey S. Mendelson wrote:

> Joshua Boyd wrote:
> > Is anyone using CUPS on solaris?  Where did you get it from?  Sun's
> > Software Companion?
> no. I downloaded it from  the official website and compiled it with gcc 3.4
> You also need to get the latest version of Ghostscript, hpijs and
> foomatic-gswraper, foomatic rip and the foomatic ppd from the 
> linuxprinting.org.

Like Geoffrey, I downloaded and built mine from scratch.  I'm currently using
cups under Solaris 8 on a netra T1 as the main print server for all my sun boxen
at the office (e5500, e5000, 6 Netra's, u5, 480r, 280r, plus more to come :) driving
about 44 printers.  Has pretty much been without fuss.  

I started out using lp/lpsched with oracle applications, now lp/lpsched just spool
to the cups print server who does all the heavy lifting.

I only wish that cups had better forms handling (instead of creating a queue for
every forms type).

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