[rescue] NTP and other services at home (was: sparcstation IPC and sparcstation 1+)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Nov 5 20:03:44 CST 2004

 Joshua Boyd writes ...

> I currently run DNS at home, and I keep meaning to get back to running
> DHCP/BOOTP again.

DHCP is handy for guests, and if you have to temporarily put other machines
on your network.  I do keep my "guest" network firewalled off, though.  I
occasionally fix machines for a local non-profit arts organization, and the
machines are _always_ infested.

The only things I use BOOTP for is one X-terminal.  Having to guess the
directories makes it a PITA to set up, but once it's done ....

Both of those, along with DNS, are good things to have on your local
network, and fit candidates for older, slower machines.
> And I really want to run NTP at home, but I keep having trouble with
> it.

What package, and what sort of trouble?


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