[rescue] Re: scrap sparcbooks

Andrew Jones aijones2 at bsu.edu
Wed Nov 3 11:45:05 CST 2004

 > Andrew Jones, I know you probably didn't ask, but did you get any 
sense they
 > might be open to such a thing? I'd follow up with a phone call or two 
if you
 > or someone else has a contact.

I don't really have a contact.  I'm just a student with an unusual 
hobby.  I was bored on a weekday and I called their sales line for 
kicks.  The bored sales guy and I chatted for a while.  He suggested the 
broker / scrap dealer solution himself.  Something tells me that this is 
not high on Tadpole's priorities.

Furthermore, any SparcBook or RDI PrecisionBook counts for a substantial 
trade-in discount on new products.  Especially the PrecisionBooks; 
apparently they still sell/support them, and there's a substantial list 
of people waiting to get them.   Apparently this is the rationale for 
relatively high prices on ebay.

Too bad, though.  I'd love to have a sparcbook w/ SunOS 4.x, just for 
the novelty value.

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