[rescue] Re: W: solaris for sparcbook 1

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Wed Nov 3 10:28:49 CST 2004

Dan Duncan wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Nov 2004, Jones, Andrew I wrote:
> > Also, talking to a Tadpole sales guy, they said they just had rooms and rooms
> > full of traded-in 32-bit SparcBooks, but they didn't dare sell them on ebay
> > because ISO 9000 certification or something requires them to offer support on
> > all their products. :(
> I'd love to have one.  Could they be somehow modified so they wouldn't
> require support, such as grinding off the serial number or removing
> a manufacturer's nametag?

The don't even have to do that. They just have to render them "nonfunctional"
and sell them as scrap. If the buy refurishes them and then sells them as
funcitonal units, the responsability for support is on the refurbisher.

As for being nonfunctional, I would expect that sitting for a few weeks 
without a charger attached to them  would make them nonbootable. Removing 
the power cords makes them unuseable.

The refurbisher could replace the power cord, format the hard drive and
sell them with as-is batteries and a non-DOA warranty. 

Some one else would probably install solaris and some applications on it,
charge the battery and sell them on ebay.

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