[rescue] For Free: Challenge XL chassis (Southeastern Va)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Nov 2 12:13:16 CST 2004

> I've heard that they can be hacked to run on 110, though I don't know how.
> I think they use 2 of the same 110 VAC power supplies used in the L, which
> would lend credence to the hackery theory.

It should just be a matter of checking to see how the supplies are setup.
I bet that one runs the front cage, the 2nd runs the rear cage and if
there is a 3rd cage installed you add the 3rd supply (making it a 3 phase

If the supplies auto switch, then you should be able to just feed it 110.
If they don't, then you would have to figure out the connections on the
back of the supply to see what causes it to switch between 110 and 220.

> If your house has adequate electrical service, and the XL would be
> not-too-far from the panel, it would be very easy to run 220 for it.
> -Shel

I have a few spare circuit breakers, when I want to run the laser system
(3 phase 208) I just pull out a few breakers and throw in the 3 phase one.
It isn't difficult if your careful! 2 pole breakers are cheap, 3 pole
breakers cost.

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