[rescue] W: solaris for sparcbook 1

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Tue Nov 2 10:45:04 CST 2004

Bill Bradford wrote:
> He said SPARCBook 1.  The SB1 only ran a very highly custom version of
> SunOS 4.x, and Solaris was never available for it.

I have contacted Tadpole directly, and they were extremely helpful,
especially given the fact that this system is out of support for a long
time already. Kudos to Tadpole!!

They provided me with an ISO of Solaris 1.1A for Sparcbook1. Also, they
tell me that Solaris _was_ available for it, with Solaris 2.3 being the
latest version (although they themselves seem to haven't got any copies
any more).

Walter Belgers
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