[rescue] For Free: Challenge XL chassis (Southeastern Va)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Nov 1 22:32:16 CST 2004

So I put this thing on eBay hoping it will make a geek happy, and offer a
little dough to pay bills.

Alas the guy buys it, and only wants the cards and drives. I said no to
the power supplies, blowers and such, knowing that I can give away a
working chassis.

So if anyone wants a SGI Challenge XL chassis, one is waiting in Virginia
Beach. Add cards and run up to 36 processors. Same cards are Challenge L
and Onyx(Not the video boards from Onyx).

Bottom door is broken at hinges but hangs on by means of the mag strip.

LCD has issues, no idea what happened. Pics are here:


Have a 2nd one in mint condition with 2gb of RAM I'm selling for $550,
pics are here:


6 R10k 195mhz 2mb cache procs, lots of IO, fast ethernet, etc.


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