[rescue] More thoughts on the server situation

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at mail.zill.net
Mon Nov 1 18:17:47 CST 2004

On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 07:00:42PM -0500, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> Speaking of Verizon, all y'all know that Verizon just commercially
> rolled out fiber to the desktop, right? I don't know the service area,
> but for those of you who can get it, it's $40 a month for (iirc) rated 5
> megabits down, 2 up, $50 for 15 down, 2 up, or $200 for 30 down, 5 up.

My understanding is that this is a very limited area.

I remember, 10 years ago, being told about how the local cable company
had bought a switch capable of handling 250K lines, because they
figured on competing with the local telco (never happened).  Of
course, the local cable customers got to pay for the unused switch.
Somehow, this seems like the same kind of deal.

The future will be Wifi / WiMax, not because of technical reasons, but
because WiFi is what the entrepreneurs are using to compete against
Comcast and VZ/SBC.


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