[rescue] The IRIX dhcp server

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Mon Nov 1 16:03:48 CST 2004

 Jochen Kunz writes ...

> It may be fine for basic DHCP service for IRIX or even WinDOS...

I can't get it to respond at all.

I've got a couple of Windows machines that make broadcast appeals for DHCP
address, and, while the server on my Solaris box will answer them Just Fine,
I can't get the one on the IRIX machine to do squat.  I can unplus the Cat5
from the Solaris machine, reboot one of the Windows boxes .... and never get
any DHCP response.

I'd love to make it work, though, if you have any pointers.

> I also encountered interoperability issues with
> HP9000/700 firmware.

Hmmm.  I do have an HP 700/Rx X-Terminal I'd like to netboot.  Works fine
off the Sun, but I haven't tried it off the IRIX machine.  Is that going to
be a problem?


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