[rescue] 'Swirl" Indigo faceplate

Mark Grieshaber mvg1 at charter.net
Mon Nov 1 09:54:28 CST 2004

This (at least the bezel) is an early prototype Indigo.  I have also
seen "Personal Iris puce" colored Indigos as well (also prototypes),
while working at SGI.


On Sat, Oct 30, 2004 at 12:14:50AM -0500, Seidl, David . wrote:
> ...
> knowledge). I can best describe it as a purple and indigo swirl with a
> standard Indigo door. Images at:
> http://www.daemonsite.com/indigo/
> Anybody have any idea where the interesting bezel might have come from, and if
> I have something different? I was told by the sysadmin who worked in the
> department when it came in that at least some of the gear came straight from
> SGI's labs and testing environments.

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