[rescue] More thoughts on the server situation

bitrot bitrot at cat5.be
Mon Nov 1 02:09:13 CST 2004

Alex White wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Oct 2004, Bill Bradford wrote:
>>On Mon, Nov 01, 2004 at 01:21:11AM +0000, Alex White wrote:
>>>Hmm. Is it billed as a "business-class" connection?
>>They have "business" service available, but I'm looking at the residential
> You'll have a lot less clueless fuckwits getting the netblock a bad name
> on a Business-class account, or so i'd hope. But then, you know this
> already, so i'll go to bed :)
> alex
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well the ENTIRE CLASS 'b' that im on is listed as DIALUP.. even though
its business broadband. carrier could care less about fixing it. or 
offering other ip address.   so i have to have an offsite
relay so i can send email.  crap huh?  my problem is finding an
offsite relay :)  i pay throught the nose for connection but i will NOT 
TRUST my upstream providers smtp relay its down most of the time.


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