[rescue] U10 IDE?

Matthew Braun rescue at leydenjar.com
Mon May 31 13:32:51 CDT 2004

Well, I was just given a Ultra 10 with a SunPCI (Penguin) though no ram 
or drive. In previous experience with U10's I found disk operations to 
be outrageously slow. Now, I checked the previous discussion on this 
but I couldn't find a conclusion. I could go for an OpenBoot compatible 
SCSI controller (and then pay out the ass for disks) but have great 
performance. Or I could get a replacement IDE controller, and use one 
or two honkin' huge IDE drives for decent performance. But how decent 
would it be? Since this would be a personal server, mostly accessed 
over the network I'm not too worried about performance, but not having 
to wait while the machine grinds would be nice.

What do y'all think?

(Oh, I was also given a copy of the NeXT Software Distribution 0.8 on 
MO! Not that I have an MO drive, but it's still cool)

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