[rescue] Forth books (Old Thread)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri May 28 10:23:02 CDT 2004

 Lionel Peterson says ...

> WOW - old follow-up, but on a whim I got a quote from Kinko's for
> a single copy, wire-bound, clear vinyl cover, black vinyl back of
> a 329 page PDF file printed double side on regular 20# paper.
> About $35:
>    7.5 cents per page side
>    and (I guess) about $10 for the binding/cover/handling
> I think the "per side" price would come down for qty. greater than 1...
> The book was the freely available "Unix Hater's Handbook" (google
> will turn it up for you, if interested).

That book always puts me in a fit of giggling.

Speaking of old books ... our island's little library has a book sale every
month or so; they sell cheaply anything of which they have too many copies,
or which hasn't been checked out in a long time.  Last time, I got a first
edition (paperback, second printing) of the New Hacker's Dictionary for
US$1.00.  Just the trademark acknowledgements page is a real trip....


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