[rescue] 32bit drivers in 64bit solaris?

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Thu May 27 10:59:05 CDT 2004

" From: Mauricio <supremedalek at hotpop.com>
" 	I recently bought at ebay an acenic gigabit card for the PCI 
" ultra boxes.  After I installed it in my recently-acquired U30 
" (Solaris 9), I decided to install the drivers.  When I tried to do 
" that, I received the message the drivers were 32bit and the OS 64. 
" Is there a way to make them work together happily?

since nobody else has said it - no, there is no way to run 32b drivers
in a 64b kernel.  you can only downrev to the 32b kernel.
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