[rescue] Indigo 2 w/Extreme + High Impact-AA for Max Impact trade

Nathan Raymond nate at portents.com
Tue May 25 21:02:34 CDT 2004


I have a teal Indigo 2 and a High Impact AA (in my purple Indigo 2), which
I'd like to trade for a Max Impact card for my purple I2.  For those who
don't know, the High Impact-AA is a rare card that has 2 GEs, 1 RE, and
1MB or 4MB TRAM (I'll have to check), and only takes up two slots,
compared to three for the Max Impact, so it's useful if you want to free
up two slots in a purple I2 while getting the best two slot video you can.
The teal I2 has the three-board Extreme Graphics (highest end graphics
option for that I2, with 8 GEs and 2 REs), a 1GB drive (I can probably put
in a 4GB if you like), 96MB of RAM, and a 100Mhz R4000 w/1MB L2.

If you're interested in the trade, I'll fire up the teal I2 and make sure
everything is in working order.  And if you live in the Boston area, we
could save on shipping and trade in person.

Please respond off-list, thanks.

Nathan Raymond

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