[rescue] RS/6000 39H with a case of the 214's

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Tue May 25 12:04:00 CDT 2004

On Tuesday 25 May 2004 11:37, Charles Monett wrote:
> >Codes that are displayed temporarially "don't matter."  Ie, they
> > don't indicate anything wrong.  Next, you're decoding the 888 code
> > wrong. The code is actuallly 103-145912-c01.  There should be more
> > numbers after that, if you keep pressing "reset" to cycle through
> > them.  Are there?  The remaining numbers tell you where the error
> > is
> Wouldnt mind knowing how exactly that was coded, since there's not
> much documentation that doesnt point to pSeries machines, and the
> last RS/6000 I touched that was a 7011-220 that nearly got tossed.

I promise not to post this again (this is about the fourth time this 

If someone else hadn't just posted it, I wouldn't be reposting as it's a 
pain to have to look up.  You might want to look at the list archives 
next time. :)

> >The error (145912) translates to "POST IPL ROS CRC, memory
> >configuration, or no memory found error".  Are there any SIMMS on
> > the processor card or memory card in the machine?  You might reseat
> > them (yea, it's a pain) as well.  I had something similar happen to
> > a machine of mine, and it ended up being a bad processor card, but
> > I've got no idea on yours.   Of course, it could also be that the
> > system's "boot rom" is corrupted, as the 211 said, but that seems
> > unlikely to me.
> Well, I reseated things, and it somehow worked- but the DCHS is
> obviously not in order unless they're supposed to run silently - I
> could just take a pair of DFHS's
> from a 570, but that'd leave me with finding AIX outside of ebay, and
> a crash course in AIX installation and maintenance for two machines.
> Oh joy. I just hope
> another reseating wont make it 888 again.

AIX is simpler to install than Windows, just press <enter> a few times.  
Maintenance, and installing more than the base OS isn't as easy, but 
isn't terribly difficult.  "smit" is your friend.

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