[rescue] RS/6000 39H with a case of the 214's

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Tue May 25 11:37:59 CDT 2004

>Codes that are displayed temporarially "don't matter."  Ie, they don't
>indicate anything wrong.  Next, you're decoding the 888 code wrong.
>The code is actuallly 103-145912-c01.  There should be more numbers
>after that, if you keep pressing "reset" to cycle through them.  Are
>there?  The remaining numbers tell you where the error is

Wouldnt mind knowing how exactly that was coded, since there's not
much documentation that doesnt point to pSeries machines, and the last
RS/6000 I touched that was a 7011-220 that nearly got tossed.

>The error (145912) translates to "POST IPL ROS CRC, memory
>configuration, or no memory found error".  Are there any SIMMS on the
>processor card or memory card in the machine?  You might reseat them
>(yea, it's a pain) as well.  I had something similar happen to a
>machine of mine, and it ended up being a bad processor card, but I've
>got no idea on yours.   Of course, it could also be that the system's
>"boot rom" is corrupted, as the 211 said, but that seems unlikely to
Well, I reseated things, and it somehow worked- but the DCHS is obviously not
in order unless they're supposed to run silently - I could just take a pair 
of DFHS's
from a 570, but that'd leave me with finding AIX outside of ebay, and a crash
course in AIX installation and maintenance for two machines. Oh joy. I just 
another reseating wont make it 888 again.

The 211/214 were temporary, they come up on other working machines (e.g. 
570, which isnt that far off from that 590 that someone's got trouble with 
on this list)

>I've got some spare parts laying around, including memory cards and a
>(slower) processor card you could shove in it if you want, let me know

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