[rescue] RS/6000 39H with a case of the 214's

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Tue May 25 08:20:03 CDT 2004

On Tuesday 25 May 2004 01:07, Charles Monett wrote:
> After acquiring a well-stocked RS/6000 7012-39H, some testing
> revealed quite a problem
>   - it would go to boot up in this LED sequence to end up at 888 no
> matter if I set it normal, secure or service mode.
> 120,124,128,130,153,154,151,100,211,214,blinking 888 -> 103 ->145 ->
> 912 -> c01
> Of the codes in that sequence, these stand out:
> 124 (Unknown to me)
> 145 (Unknown to me)
> 211 IPL ROM CRC comparison error (irrecoverable). -- due to no
> available HD's to place an IPL on?
> 214 Power status register failed (irrecoverable).

Codes that are displayed temporarially "don't matter."  Ie, they don't 
indicate anything wrong.  Next, you're decoding the 888 code wrong.  
The code is actuallly 103-145912-c01.  There should be more numbers 
after that, if you keep pressing "reset" to cycle through them.  Are 
there?  The remaining numbers tell you where the error is

The error (145912) translates to "POST IPL ROS CRC, memory 
configuration, or no memory found error".  Are there any SIMMS on the 
processor card or memory card in the machine?  You might reseat them 
(yea, it's a pain) as well.  I had something similar happen to a 
machine of mine, and it ended up being a bad processor card, but I've 
got no idea on yours.   Of course, it could also be that the system's 
"boot rom" is corrupted, as the 211 said, but that seems unlikely to 

I've got some spare parts laying around, including memory cards and a 
(slower) processor card you could shove in it if you want, let me know 

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