[rescue] bare Ultra Enterprise 2

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Tue May 25 03:30:16 CDT 2004

At 01:52 AM 5/25/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>I picked up an Ultra Enterprise 2 base today.  No cpu,
>memory, framebuffer, spud brackets, or hard drives.
>Does anyone have recommendations and/or parts available?
>I'd like to go dual cpu.  HD15 video output would be nice,
>as my current KVM doesn't do 13w3 and I don't have a Sun
>monitor on this floor any more.
Since there's nothing about what you're doing w/ it, I'll give a general
recommendation on what parts one might want to go for on an Ultra 2.

2x300mhz Ultrasparc (If you can find them at a reasonable price, replace 
this suggestion w/ 400mhz CPUs)
256-512MB memory minimum (more if you can afford it)
Creator3D FFB (Elite3D M6 if you dont mind Sun's indiscretions about 
highend framebuffers)
2x18GB low profile SCA hard drives
1x SBUS Quad Fast Ethernet (if you're going to want to route with this)
(As for the CD drive, go with whatever you want/afford in SCSI)

This isnt a hard and fast rule for what to get, but it should give a good 
setup to start you off. 

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