[rescue] RS/6000 39H with a case of the 214's

Charles Monett camonett at woh.rr.com
Tue May 25 01:07:19 CDT 2004

After acquiring a well-stocked RS/6000 7012-39H, some testing revealed 
quite a problem
  - it would go to boot up in this LED sequence to end up at 888 no
matter if I set it normal, secure or service mode.

120,124,128,130,153,154,151,100,211,214,blinking 888 -> 103 ->145 -> 912 -> c01

Of the codes in that sequence, these stand out:
124 (Unknown to me)
145 (Unknown to me)
211 IPL ROM CRC comparison error (irrecoverable). -- due to no available 
HD's to place an IPL on?
214 Power status register failed (irrecoverable).

This code, I have no response for, since I have nothing but a 
CD, which I cant seem to boot, since I don't have it:
c01 Insert the first diagnostic diskette.

The only other thing that strikes as odd, as the disk that comes with it is 
deader than a doornail,
since I can put another disk in, and it spins right up (Yes, I did check 
the SCSI termination). This
doesn't seem to affect the other problems, but it's quite odd that it's 
that silent.

What I'm wanting to find out is what exactly is wrong here, and if it's 
since I don't really want to tear into this more than I want to. That's for 
that's decided to give its smoke signals. 

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