[rescue] DEC Stuff, other stuff, make offers!

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Sun May 23 15:39:02 CDT 2004

Hello all, looking for a home for this remaining Dec equipment!
Make offers!
Swimming in it... garggle garggle need to move it.
Stuff is located in hot, sticky, humid Virginia Beach


2 Alphaserver 4100 rackmounts (CPU cards, shared memory controllers, scsi
 cards, no ram cards, one near complete the other fairly parted out).

2 Alphaserver 2100 rackmounts (CPU cards, PCI cards (FDDI, ethernets, scsi
 cards, etc), but IIRC no ram cards. One missing front cover, other intact.

HSZ50B shelves (in the storageworks style rackmount setup with the door).
 Uses external SCSI boxes. Each one has dual cache/dual controllers for
 redundancy. 2 availible.

HSZ40B shelves, similar to above, several availible with rackmount hardware

Cables are still in place for most of this stuff.

Lots of storageworks boxes w/ rackmount and deskside kits.

Drives are all 4.0 / 4.2gb.

8+ sets of HSZ40B/Cache board sets, with battery holders but no batteries.

Currently this stuff is all racked out in digital racks. Would accept a
blanket offer on ALL of it!!! Three Digital racks with a good amount of
stuff in them, plus some extra bits and pieces.


Two Alphaserver 1000 desksides. Can get specs.


Some sorta beige looking Alphaserver 4000ish deskside. Can get specs.


Alphaserver 4100 deskside, blue, 2.5gb of RAM, four 300mhz CPUs, two
storage boxes but only two 9gb disks. Raid cards and other goodies (FDDI,
SCSI boards, etc). 2gb is made up of two 1gb Centon cards. Asking $750.


Decserver 90TM. Don't know much about em, got two of them. They have a kit
that makes them a 1u rackmount unit, giving it a power supply on the back.
This eliminates the need for some sorta chassis that they can hang on.
$100 each would be good. 32 port serial terminal servers, not sure if it
will function like a PM2/2e/25/etc.


Dec Hubz.... 1u things with converter kits as mentioned above.


3com lanplex units. One has FDDI and 10mbps and one 100mbps uplink!
Could be good if you need FDDI <-> 100mbps ethernet and don't have
an NPI bridge or Cabletron unit laying around!


I've also got a lot of Russel Stoll power cables. Honkin' ass connector,
one end plastic one end metal. Can get exact specs. Looking for $100 each.
Probably have 10 availible. Kinda like a hubbel jank. Def. not your grannies
NEMA 30R-L30 jibbie.


$4500 and you could have a Cray J932se.


I have this mack daddy Cabletron Smartswitch 9000. This thing is LOADED,
dual power supplies, environmental module, and cards. Cards include two
Cisco 4500 routers on blades that each have 8 T1 connections like a 2500
series router (They are 9W111-08 cards). Also has some fast ethernet, lots
of fddi, and lots of ethernet. Also have a spare enviro module, two spare
power supplies, and other goodies.

I need to move this thing, got way too many enterprise switches.

Would be willing to trade it for stuff... large IDE hard drives (four
80-100gb disks) and maybe some other various parts.

If anyone has an interest in this thing, please contact me.

I've also got like 6 of the 12 port FDDI cards for it (SC connectors) new
in box for 9000 series cabletron, and other cards. 100baseFX, 100baseT,

All in the lot!!!!


Its in the right rack in that picture. That is an old picture,
and every slot is full now. Plus of course the 8 extra boards
and two extra power supplies and spare enviro unit


I'm in Virginia Beach, 4 hours from DC, 4 hours from Raleigh.

Private email is the best way to contact me!

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