[rescue] Sun3, Sparc freebies pick up from zipcode 02909 only

brian at highstream.kicks-ass.org brian at highstream.kicks-ass.org
Sun May 23 08:59:37 CDT 2004

I'm in Providence, RI:
Sun 3/50
Sun 3/60 (in /50 case)
20" 1bpp monitor (little fuzzy)
Keyboard, 2 optical mice, mouse pad
external SCSI cabinet
Sparcstation 2
Sparcstation LX
13w3 cable for above
random SBUS cards
Country kit for above
1 or 2x SCSI CD-ROM that works with the sparcs no external case (I only
used it for installs with the cases off hooked up directly)
External CD-ROM that worked sometimes and didn't other times last time I
Emerson SW1000 UPS missing it's batteries.

Anything that doesn't have a note was working last time it was powered up.

Pick up only, must take all of it.

Never be afraid to tell the world who you are.
             -- Anonymous
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