[rescue] re: Sun 2/120 and 2/50 Original Prices?

Michael Thompson m_thompson at ids.net
Wed May 19 07:48:40 CDT 2004

>Walter Belgers wrote:
>The 2/50 did not have the possibility to connect disks.

My 2/50 has the memory/sun2 SCSI board installed and boots SunOS 4.0.3 from
a 428 MB SCSI disk.

>Also, as far as I know, there's nothing preventing one from taking the 2/50
>CPU board and putting it in a larger VME chassis to use standard 9U VME
>boards. I don't believe the ROMs have been crippled, although I really
>haven't looked.

My 2/50 says that it is both a 2/50 and a 2/160 at boot. The backplane in
the 2/160's 14 slot desk side tower was a little different than the later

Michael Thompson
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