[rescue] another good auction auction AND free Sun OS manuals.

Tom Ponsford tponsford at theriver.com
Tue May 18 18:53:40 CDT 2004

Hi All,

Another good haul at the auction today: one HP J2240 (dual cpu) and a J210XC. 
another cypher 9-track and 4 Boxes of still-in-the-wrapper sun os manuals:
(2) 4.0 System Admin Manuals Minibox 825-1048-10 (these are in the original 
mini-box. still shrinkwrapped) Circa 1988

Sun OS 4.0 Change Notes
Installing GunOS
System and Network admin
Security Features Guide
Prom Users manual
Sun System Diagnostics Manual

Also two boxes:
Sun Reference Manuals
	including Assembly Language Reference for Sun-2 and Sun-3
Sun Programmers Manuals
The last two boxes include some fairly thick reference Manuals most still 

I's like to give the Sun Manuals free to a good home, preferably to someone 
who collects Sun OS stuff or who make the info in these manuals available over 
the web, copyrights, of course, maintained. If not than anyone who needs them. 
If multiple requests: first come first served, or make me an offer I can't 
refuse. You pay shipping usps media mail.


Please do not read this sig. If you have read this far, please unread back to 
the beginning.

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