[rescue] re: Sun 2/120 and 2/50 Original Prices?

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Tue May 18 13:22:46 CDT 2004

Andrew Jones wrote:
> I've never seen either one in working order -- care to grace us with 
> some photos?

I have a working Sun 2/50. It boots from a NetBSD box. It uses Suns
Network Disk Protocol. Later Suns (Sun 3 and up) use tftp to boot.

I had a Sun 2/170 (similar to 2/120) but that went to a collector in the
UK. Indeed a multibus machine.

Some pictures:
http://www.belgers.com/computers/sun2/		the 2/170
http://www.belgers.com/computers/sun250.gif	the 2/50 with the NetBSD PC
http://www.belgers.com/computers/sun2_boot.gif	the 2/50 booting

My 2/50 runs SunOS 4.0.3, I believe the latest supported SunOS for Sun
2. I wanted to install an older OS, but SunOS 2.x and 3.x use Network
Disk for the filesystems (NFS wasn't invented yet), and there's no
implementation of that (just enough for bootstrapping).
It also runs the graphical environment (sunview IIRC).

The 2/50 did not have the possibility to connect disks. I still have
some multibus cards for Sun 2 lying around.

Anybody know where to get a Sun 1 to complete my collection? :)

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