[rescue] Personal Iris Rescue

Andrew Reynolds randrewreynolds at yahoo.ca
Sun May 16 11:43:42 CDT 2004

I rescued a Personal Iris 4D/25 on Friday. 
Unfortunately, no keyboard, mouse, drives or OS media
were included. The unit passes it's diagnostics tests,
and although it is dated, it would be nice to get it
up and running again (my first exposure to Unix was
Irix 3.x on a 4D/25). I haven't turned up anything
with regards to parts on Ebay, but am looking for the

-OS media

I have access to the display if one of my own doesn't
work, and drive sleds would be nice, but I can attach
SCSI devices externally. Thanks for your help.

Andrew Reynolds
randrewreynolds at yahoo.ca

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