[rescue] OpenBSD on an SS5 - argh!

Micah R L lassloc at hotpop.com
Fri May 14 15:07:45 CDT 2004

Eric Webb wrote:

>On Friday 14 May 2004 01:00 pm, Micah R L wrote:
>>I've recently acquired four SPARCstation 5 machines for cheap cheap, and
>>I'm looking to put OpenBSD on one of them to play with. It took me a
>>long time to get it to boot from the install media. I had to "dd
>>if=/dev/zero bs=1k count=10 >> cd35.iso" and reburn the boot cd to
>>escape the error "bootxx: short read, Program terminated"
>Hmm, where did you get this info?  I have been having the same problem with 
>the bootable install CD I burned and gave up and was getting ready to set up 
>a netboot.  
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Grr, I don't remember. It was one post on a mailing list, and now I 
can't find it again. I'll look it up for you when I get home, though.

It worked for me, though! I also think that it's strange that several 
people seem to have this problem, and there are many, many threads on 
archived lists where the problem never gets solved... and only this ONE 
post (that I found) where my problem is fuxed:). I'm really glad I found 
this :).

I meant to try it on an unofficial OpenBSD iso that I downloaded which 
would stop with the same error, and also on an iso that I made myself 
that wouldn't boot, but I haven't bothered because I didn't want to 
waste the CDs. I may end up doing it, though, because it would be fairly 
useful to know.

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